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Name:the glitch
Birthdate:Mar 13
Location:los angeles, California, United States of America
okay so its probably about time i fill this out

you can call me crystal
autistic and multiple
16, been in the system since late 2015 or early 2016, my age is either static or tied to the paracosm's timescale its too early to tell
part human, mostly ridrfai*
kinky & queer af
bpd, depression, anxiety, who knows what else

*ridrfai are a fae race similar to sidhe

things i usually put under a cut: sex (explicit), violence, trauma (specific), dark brainweird, really long posts

things i dont usually cut for: sex (vague), drugs, trauma (general), swearing, minors in adult situations (obviously)

i havent really figured out how i want to use the tag system yet but i do use it

this account is supposed to be mine but the degree of separation in my subsystem varies and sometimes one of my brothers will hijack a post for a couple of words or a sentence or two or the whole fucking post and we dont always notice

you should also know that im in a serious relationship with an adult, i know some people are gonna have a problem with that so better to get it out of the way now

my favorite emotions are awe and joy and i dont get to feel either of them as much as i should
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